About Strabon.io

My name is Rodolphe. I was born in 1975 and I live in Bordeaux, France. I am a computer programmer and history enthusiast.
A few years ago, as I documented on ancient civilizations, I came to realize that cities of the Ancient Near East emerged, developed, and declined with significant time spans between them. For example, as Babylon broke through the mists of history as a small regional town, a famous city like Lagash was about to disappear. As much as I could understand this, I wanted to be able to spot cities on a map as they came and went in History over millennia. I decided to design a tool that would help me visualize thousands of sites in different regions at once and be able to see their evolution through time. Strabon.io is the result of this work.
I define Strabon.io as a time travelling world map. It helps any visitor trace back cities and archaeological sites according to human settlements activities since The Lower Paleolithic until present day. Today, 3677 sites have been referenced from different regions and added to Strabon.io
More are to come.

The aggregated data is mostly collected from Wikipedia and possibly supplemented with open access archaeological excavation reports. As with any website using second-hand data, errors may occur in the process of data collection or publication, or the information may lack accuracy or corroboration.
Strabon.io makes no scientific claims. Therefore, for any scientific use, all published information should be cross-referenced with research-based articles and other relevant peer-reviewed sources.

If you want to send me a note, write to info AT strabon.io

And if you're wondering who the Greek geographer Strabo (Strábōn in ancient Greek) was, take a look here.