Sites & cities that bear the name of Leang Tedongnge

Leang Tedongnge

Today in : Indonesia
First trace of activity : ca. 45,500 B.C.E
Last trace of activity : ca. 45,000 B.C.E

Description : The Leang Tedongnge cave is located in a remote valley enclosed by sheer limestone cliffs, about an hour's walk from the nearest road. It is only accessible during the dry season because of flooding during the wet season - and members of the isolated Bugis community told the team it had never before been seen by Westerners. Measuring 136 by 54 centimeters the Sulawesi warty pig was painted using dark red ochre pigment and has a short crest of upright hair, as well as a pair of horn-like facial warts characteristic of adult males of the species. There are two hand prints above the pig's hindquarters, and it appears to be facing two other pigs that are only partially preserved, as part of a narrative scene. "The pig appears to be observing a fight or social interaction between two other warty pigs," said coauthor Adam Brumm.

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