Sites & cities that bear the name of Berekhat Ram

Berekhat Ram

Today in : Syrian Arab Republic
First trace of activity : ca. 230,000 B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : بحيرة مسعدة‎, Buhāir Mas'ade, בריכת רם‎, Brekhat Ram, Birkat el-Ram, Lake Ram

Description : Lake Ram (Arabic: بحيرة مسعدة‎, "Buhāir Mas'ade", lit. Lake of Mas'ade, Hebrew: בריכת רם‎, "Brekhat Ram"; "Birkat el-Ram") is a crater lake (maar) in the northeastern Golan Heights, near Mount Hermon, under Israeli occupation. The lake has also been known by the epithet "Lake of Phiala." The sources of the lake are rain water and an underground spring. The lake has no outlet. It is known in Hebrew as "Brekhat Ram" (also written Berekhat Ram), meaning high pool. It is also called Birket Ram, using the Arabic word for pond. The area is associated with the Druze community.

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