Sites & cities that bear the name of Wels


Today in : Austria
First trace of activity : ca. 18th century B.C.E
Last trace of activity : today
Recorded names : Municipium Ovilava, Colonia Aurelia Antoniana Ovilabis, Wös

Description : The area of Wels has been settled since the Neolithic era (between 3500 and 1700 B.C.E.), as evidenced by archaeological finds of simple tools, especially from around the banks of the Traun River in what is now the city center. A Bronze Age (after 1700 B.C.E.) cemetery was found in the area of the current airport and dated to the time of the Urnfield Culture (1100–750 B.C.E.). It contained 60 graves with such items as bronze jewelry and food. Swords from the Halstatt Period (750–400 B.C.E.) have been found in the area of Pernau. During the Iron Age La Tène Culture (up to 100 B.C.E.) Celts inhabited the area, leaving behind gold coins, swords, earthenware and iron brooches. The name "Traun" comes from this time and it is possible the "Wels" is similarly of Celtic origin. The name "Wels" could be Celtic for "Settlement on the bend of the Traun River".

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